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Finding a niche between gourmet and healthy, The Spice Hunter offers more than just flavor. By listening to consumers, The Spice Hunter has developed a unique line of over 300 products that serve the needs of gourmet and natural food consumers. We search the world to supply cooking enthusiasts with over 140 spices and seasoning blends, plus a wide assortment of gourmet products including convenient meal-in-a-cup soups, risotto, potatoes, pasta, and seasonal beverage mixes. The Spice Hunter's products can be found in grocery, specialty and natural food stores nationwide.

All Natural Spices & Herbs
The Spice Hunter all natural gourmet herbs and spices are sourced at the peak of flavor and freshness from the world's best growing regions.
100% Organic Spices & Herbs
The Spice Hunter 100% Organic line is USDA Organic certified by QAI. They are grown using sustainable, environmentally friendly practices.
Salt Free Blends
Perfectly balanced, salt free herbs and spices come together as delicious flavors in The Spice Hunter Blends.
100% Organic Salt Free Blends
Salt-free blends made with 100% certified organic herbs and spices. Available in a variety of popular flavors.
Sea Salt Blends
100% pure sea salt blended with the same high quality spices that The Spice Hunter is known for enhance your favorite savory dishes.
Fresh Twist Grinders
In six twisted varieties, The Spice Hunter Fresh Twist Grinders are a convenient way to add a twist of freshness and flavor to any meal.
Salt Free Organic Grinders
Organic Grinders made with 100% certified organic herbs and spices. Available in a variety of popular flavors.
Salt Free Grilling Blends
Salt Free Grilling Blends are all-natural, perfectly blended spices in a convenient jar. Popular and unique grilling blends offer a great way to add all-natural flavor without the salt.
All Natural Grill Shakers
Grill Shakers are all-natural, perfectly blended spices in a convenient jar. Preferred in taste tests over all other grilling spice brands, they add a spark of flavor to any grill.
Fresh at Hand
Fresh at Hand premium herbs and vegetables give every meal the superior flavor of fresh without the hassle.
All Natural Extracts
Intense, aromatic and flavorful, The Spice Hunter Extracts are all natural and 100% pure, free of artificial flavors and preservatives.
Organic Dip Mixes
Looking for a crowd-pleasing appetizer that comes together in no time at all? These organic, gluten free, kosher dip mixes will help you get the party started!
Organic Seasoning Mixes
There’s nothing better than a home cooked meal to bring the family together. These seasoning mixes take the stress out of weeknight cooking, and are sure to please everyone’s taste buds.
All Natural Soup Bowls
Quick & All Natural Soups are convenient, single-serving, "just add water" soups in a variety of popular and ethnic flavors.
Reduced Sodium Soup Cups
Six of our most popular flavors with 40% less sodium and our original bowl sized Quick & All Natural Soups.
Turkey Brine
A medley of fruit, herbs and savory spices for making a moist and tender turkey for holidays!
Winter Sippers
These warm, flavorful beverage blends are the perfect excuse to come in out of the cold.
Gift Collections
Thoughtful assortments of spices, herbs and blends perfect for giving to friends and family.