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Please note that product availability may vary. If you are unable to obtain your selection at one of the following locations, please call our Information Request Line at
1 800 444 3061, and request a Spice Hunter mail order catalog.

Where to Hunt

Select from the drop down list of states or choose a state on the map to find stores or gourmet specialty stores in the area that carry The Spice Hunter® brand of products.


Homeland (Turkey Brine, Soups, & Grill Shakers)
Reasor's (Turkey Brine & Grill Shakers)
Anadarko Ideal Decorating Center
Duncan Distinctive Decor
Edmond Sprout's (Turkey Brine)
Norman International Pantry
Oklahoma City Akins (Grinders & Soups)
Oklahoma City Country Mart
Oklahoma City Harps
Oklahoma City Nutritional Food Center
Oklahoma City Sprout's (Turkey Brine)
Stillwater Consumers IGA
Tulsa Akins (Grinders & Soups)
Tulsa Petty's Fine Foods