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Bay Leaves, California, Organic, Whole


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Item #: 1095 0.14oz per Jar

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Camilla Kane July 7, 2016

I opened my new jar of bay leaves, tossed a couple into my lentil soup and took a good smell from the jar. I love the smell of bay leaves!
But what was this strong, nasty, medicine like smell? I quickly picked them back out of my soup. A quick google search turned up the answer. What I have been using as bay leaves is laurus nobilis. This is an entirely different species (Umbellularia californica, I suspect).
I don’t know how they are interchangeable in cooking, but I now have a jar of compost sitting in my spice rack.
I am very disappointed in this product.

    Megan Thomas July 8, 2016

    Hello Camilla,

    Thank you for your email and we are sorry that you had a negative experience with this product. Your input will help us to improve this item. Thanks again.

james October 18, 2016

California bay leaves need to be used at a 1:3 ratio with Mediterranean bay leaves as they are much more potent.

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