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Chile Pepper, New Mexico, Ground


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Item #: 1200 1.9oz per Jar

A mild chile pepper that adds sweet, earthy flavor to almost every dish.


Angela Austin October 6, 2016

The most delicious chile pepper in the world! Sweet and meaty. This is a staple in my pantry. A must for vegans. It’s like magic in soups, stir-fries, beans, and makes an incredible roasted cauliflower dish (New Mexican chili pepper, sea salt, oregano, garlic, red peppercorn, olive oil, and lime juice).

There is no substitute for this chili pepper. Ancho chile peppers are said to be a substitute, but not in my opinion. The ancho chiles have to still be used in moderation because they can get really hot, even though they’re supposed to be sweet. And ancho has a slight bitterness in the aftertaste, whereas the Spice Hunter New Mexican chiles are sweet and rich, even used liberally. I love these chiles! Please always carry them – and maybe in a larger size than the 1.9 oz!

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