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Cinnamon, Organic, Ground


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Item #: 1245 1.7oz per Jar

Wonderful with sweet and savory dishes!


Teri Naethe November 7, 2017

Where exactly does your cinnamon come from? What country?

    Caroline Creasey November 7, 2017

    Hi Teri, our organic cinnamon comes from Indonesia.

Lydia Showalter May 18, 2018

What type of Cinnamon , is this one .?

    Alex Carroll June 12, 2018

    This is Cassia Cinnamon.

Cheryl Williams July 14, 2018

Do you sell real cinnamon, or just cassia?


I love this Cinnamon. It smells great and tastes even better. I ordered 11 other spices from Spice Hunter and will order more when my supply runs low. It is nice to have a good spice, better than what you can get in stores, makes a world of difference when cooking. Also Spice Hunter has excellent customer service if you should need it.

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