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Coriander Lime


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Item #: 2241 1.9oz per Jar

This fragrant, citrusy flavor is inspired by the lush growing fields of Thailand.  Coriander Lime Global Fusion Rub is delicious on chicken, tofu or fish. Also adds great flavor and color to vegetables or rice.  1.5 peppers out of 5 for spiciness.


Garlic, Coriander, Sea Salt, Onion, Crystallized Lime (Citric Acid, Dried Cane Syrup, Lime Oil, Lime Juice, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)), Cilantro, Cane Sugar, Cumin, Jalapeno Pepper




Cheryl Larson June 2, 2016

We made Tequila Lime Chicken on the bbq over Memorial Day weekend with Coriander Lime – it was a big hit! The chicken came out flavorful and juicy with just the right amount of citrus tang – would highly recommend!

Christine Matayabas October 10, 2016

This rub gives such a lovely flavor and aroma to chicken. Highly recommend you give it a try and be creative.

kardena May 23, 2017

We love this spice for so many meat dishes, put it in avoacado to make a dip, I’ll even make a salad dressing with it. It’s amazing! I always have it in my spice rack.

Jacquilyn Guerrero June 21, 2017

I can use this on any and every meal I have ever cooked and it really adds a different flavorful taste to each meal! I once ran out of caldo de pollo and tomato sauce for my rice and I used this two other additives! It is now my newest rice recipe I’ve added to my homemade recipe book! I call it my Coriander Lime and Garlic Rice!!

Kim February 16, 2018

I got this in a Degusta box. It was absolutely delicious and crave-worthy on chicken breast. It’s flavor is complex: sweet, savory, and bright. Highly recommended!!

Des March 26, 2018

So good on egg omelets, roasted brussel sprouts and tacos. I can’t get enough of this spice. I found it at a clearance store and was afraid if never find it again. Hello!!

Katie June 1, 2018

This is excellent on grilled salmon

Armando Zepeda June 20, 2018

Tried this spice for the first time, man it’s good. Great on chicken and fish baja style tacos .

Sue K December 24, 2018

I wish this product was easier to find! I discovered it at the Fancy Food Show, when I tried it with your Grilled Coconut Shrimp with Pineapple recipe and it was divine.
I’ve only been able to order it online, and this is not available at my local grocery stores. Please make it more readily available.

Patty S. February 28, 2019

I rub this (along with some other spices, ground oregano, ground cumin, kosher salt, chili powder) all over a bone-in pork butt, wrap it tightly with plastic wrap and let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours before cooking the meat low and slow in the crock-pot until meat registers 195 degrees. Best carnitas tacos ever!! I can’t find it in town so will have to order it online.

Dave Perry April 6, 2019

Found this once at the grocery, loved it! Searched for it after I used it up and could not find it anywhere.
Happens all too often with many “exotic “ products, unfortunately. Local populace is very pedestrian.

Deborah August 12, 2019

This rub is the bomb! It’s great on veggies, black beans, tomatoes, avocados, popcorn, warm tortilla chips and potato chips. It’s bright, citrusy, complex and just a hint of sweetness. A party for your taste buds!

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