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Mexican Seasoning Blend


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Item #: 1540 1.5oz per Jar

The aromas wafting out of your favorite Mexican hole-in-the-wall restaurant are distinctly comforting and irresistible. The peppery bite of sizzling fajitas, the piquant tang of homemade salsa, and the warm, toasted smell of fresh corn tortillas are indications of hearty, colorful meals to come. The Spice Hunter Mexican Seasoning Blend makes it easy to recreate those tantalizing Mexican flavors in your own kitchen.

Whether you prefer traditional Mexican cuisine or trendy Tex-Mex fusion dishes, chances are your favorite food includes a Mexican-influenced blend of herbs, spices, and seasonings. Onions and garlic – both commonly cultivated in Mexico – are staples in kitchens south of the border. Spicy peppers like jalapeños – also indigenous to Mexico – are essential to Mexican dishes. Cumin, cilantro, basil, and oregano round out The Spice Hunter’s blend of Mexican spices and herbs.

How to Use Mexican Seasoning Blend

Use this traditional Mexican spice blend in meat, tofu, or beans for tacos and burritos. Stir into salsas and sauces or sprinkle the blend over eggs, potatoes, or fish to add a spicy bite. Cocktail enthusiasts can even use this savory blend to rim a Bloody Mary glass.


Onion, garlic, basil, cumin, red pepper, oregano, jalapeno pepper, cilantro

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: ¼ tsp. Total Cal. 0, Total Fat 0g, Sodium 0mg, Carb. 0g, Protein 0g


Linda B February 1, 2016

I’ve been out of my Mexican seasoning blend for a while. I usually order 5 or 6 at a time. I make a mean pot of chili with this spice. Who would have thought basil would add so much to chili? It’s just not the same without it. I’m going to go order some right now. Love it!

Kim D. February 4, 2016

Our local Sprouts and Albertsons carry some Spice Hunter products but do not carry this one. I order at least 4 bottles whenever I run low. We use it to season Chicken Quesadillas, Beef enchiladas and rice pilaf. Sure wish I could get it locally, but am glad it’s available on-line. Great product!

Megan Thomas February 5, 2016

We here at The Spice Hunter are grateful that you love our Mexican Seasoning Blend!

Debbie H May 22, 2016

I can hardly live without this product – I also order many jars at a time. I can’t understand why it is not readily available. We use it to season many dishes and especially use it to season beef tacos. Good product.

John November 13, 2016

I use your Mexican seasoning as part of my recipe for my Fire Cracker truffles.

JLevy August 13, 2017

Beer, lime, olive oil and lots of this + chicken (breasts & thighs) + grill = the best chicken tacos ever.

pragland September 7, 2017

Picked up a recipe long ago called Mexican rice; this mix is essential for the right flavor. Have been looking for it in stores for ages! So happy to find it available again – many, many thanks!

Carol November 17, 2017

This is the best Mexican Seasoning around! Love it! My Chicken Tortilla Soup and Taco Soup are so flavorful with this seasoning. I order 6 at a time, which I am doing right now. Wish I could find it locally.

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