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Mild Sriracha


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Item #: 2240 2.5oz per Jar

Mild Sriracha Global Fusion Rub brings fiery, sweet, and spicy Thai flavor to your favorite beef, chicken or pork dishes. You can even sprinkle Mild Sriracha on popcorn for a unique and delectable snack. 2 peppers out of 5 for spiciness.


Bell Pepper, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Roasted Garlic Vinegar (Maltodextrin, White Distilled Vinegar), Garlic, Paprika, Jalapeno Pepper, Citric Acid, Rice Concentrate


Delores Powell March 16, 2017

Love it for a quick easy chip dip.

Laura September 15, 2017

We LOVE the Sriracha. Makes a great dip and is fantastic on popcorn.

Mel Dixon February 15, 2018

Love this blend. Really hard to find in our area. Must order online. Worth it.

Shirley September 10, 2018

Love this product! Great as a rub, on eggs, potatoes, in soups, on sandwiches!

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