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Nutmeg, Organic, Whole


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Item #: 1612 1.8oz per Jar

Grate over pasta, spinach, egg dishes, coffee, custard and fruit desserts!


Rebecca Cantrell May 20, 2018

What is the country of origin for this product? Thanks.

    Alex Carroll June 12, 2018

    While the country of origin is subject to change, our Nutmeg has come from Indonesia for the past 2 years.

rhonda susini June 11, 2019

can you tell me what years the production you sell come from, how old the seeds are? thx so much

    The Spice Hunter June 13, 2019

    Hi Rhonda, we are continuously buying and selling through fresh spices. We buy fresh lots of nutmeg multiple times throughout any given year. Whole Organic Nutmeg has a 2-year shelf life once it is packaged for sale. If you have a specific jar and it is in our new packaging, it will have a “best by” date on it. If it is in older packaging, it may have just a lot code on it, which is also the Julian date it was made. The Julian date it a 2-digit year followed by a 3 digit day of the year (for example 19001 is January 1, 2019). Hope this helps!

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