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Oregano, Mediterranean, Leaves


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A staple of Italian-American cooking, dried oregano’s warm, peppery flavor makes it essential to spaghetti sauces and pizzas. Along with the pungent aroma of garlic and the sweet punch of tomatoes, oregano is a primary contributor to the comforting medley of aromas wafting out of your favorite Italian hole-in-the-wall trattoria.

Origins of Oregano

Oregano, a perennial herb in the mint family, is warm and bitter, contrasting with closely-related mint leaves, which are cool and sweet. Though oregano has been cultivated throughout the Mediterranean and in Western and Southwestern Eurasia for centuries, its rise in popularity in the United States is relatively recent. Soldiers returning from World War II popularized their favorite Italian dishes, spreading the robust, Mediterranean flavors of Southern Italy to their families and friends with the help of what they called “the pizza herb.”

How to Use Oregano

In addition to adding warmth and robust flavor to countless popular Italian and Italian-American dishes, oregano lends sunny, peppery notes to traditional Mediterranean, Filipino, Latin American, and Argentinean dishes. Unlike many herbs, oregano’s leaves become more intense in flavor once dried, so avoid using fresh oregano in dishes that benefit from strong oregano notes. In addition to classic applications on pizza and in pastas, oregano adds savory flavor with a lemony edge to Greek salads, Italian cream and tomato sauces, and soups. Southern Italians also use oregano on vegetables, meat, and fish.


Vicki Keasling June 2, 2018

I used spice hunter Greek oregano leaves with marjoram and basil and garlic for a leg of lamb it was Awesome spices worked wonderfully with the lamb

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