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Original Turkey Brine


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Item #: 5101

A savory blend of fruit and rosemary, The Spice Hunter Original Turkey Brine ensures your turkey is moist and flavorful. Pouch includes brine and brining bag.


Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Cranberries, Apples, Garlic, Orange Peel, Juniper Berries, Malabar Black Peppercorns, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage.


Tony November 12, 2017

I have used this product for several years. The blend of dried fruits and spices gives my smoked turkey breasts fantastic flavor throughout. Using a meat thermometer I pull the turkey breasts off the smoker at an internal temperature of 163 degrees and let it rest at least 40 minutes tented with aluminum foil. I have never had turkey this juicy.

Deborah Partain November 17, 2017

I will never fix my turkey without your spice hunter brimming. I have used it for years and love it.

Talina Pennington November 17, 2017

Best turkey yet

Bill November 21, 2017

Best turkey I’ve ever had. I brined the turkey and cooked it in an oiless fryer. It was spectacular. Will definitely use again

Mary Allen November 23, 2017

I work at a grocery store in Montana and a customer suggested this turkey brine. Since I was cooking the turkey I thought I’d give it a try. It is awesome! My turkey came out so tender and moist I am delighted and so is everyone else. I will purchase this again.

Elizabeth November 24, 2017

Amazing..will buy again.. juiciest most flavorful turkey i’ve ever had!

Craig M. Brisgel December 2, 2017

I love the turkey brine from Spice Hunter. This was my very first brining and smoking a turkey experience and I had rave reviews from my guests at Thanksgiving. It was very moist and delicious and want to do it again. I brined it for over 24 hours and smoked it for 11 hours and then finished it off with cooking it about 3 more hours in the oven. Thank you Spice Hunter for making my experience one to remember.

Sandra L Fenner December 27, 2017

I love this product. I couldn’t find any in the store this holiday. I received rave reviews for my turkey everytime that I’ve used it .

Katie January 29, 2018

I am so happy to have found this brine. I only wish the store in my neighborhood sold it year round! I have tried very expensive gourmet brines, but this one is by far the best I’ve ever used.

Stacy Palmer November 17, 2018

I’ve been using this for several years now, and it is hands down the most moist flavorful turkey I’ve ever made. Excellent product!

Rick Dessau November 19, 2018

Been using your brine for several years. Wife loves it as does family. Tender moist and absolutely delicious.

Patty November 21, 2018

Found this brine years ago at a discount store for 50 cents. Figured I’d give it a try and it absolutely blew my mind Since then I won’t use anything else I have had sworn turkey haters rave over a brined bird cooked in my Dutch oven

len November 23, 2018

this stuff is dynamite !!!

Connie Newer November 24, 2018

Best tasting turkey in years!! Brined and then Deep fried. 12 Lb. turkey and placed in Brine for just 6 hours, do to the turkey on the smaller side and rinsed. Placed tukrkey back into the refrigerator for 8 hours to dry out for fryer. Added 6-7 cloves of sliced fresh garlic and chili pepper flakes to brine. Fantastic!

Kathy King November 29, 2018

I have been using Spice Hunter turkey brine for years and everyone says my turkeys are the best. I need to stock up on it again and want to buy just the brine without the bags cause I have many on hand. Can I still just buy the brine by itself???? It is an AWESOME product!!!!!

    Kaitlin Gauthier November 29, 2018

    Hi Kathy! Thank you for your wonderful comment. I believe I just responded to your email on our site about the new packaging. The turkey brine is only being offered in the new brine & and bag pouch, but you can use any brining bag or container of your choosing.

    Thanks again!

C. Jolly December 25, 2018

I have used The Spice Hunter Turkey Brine for years and years. When I couldn’t find it at Sur la Table, I went online to buy it! I cannot be without the wonderful blend of fruit, herbs and spices for all of my turkeys and chicken! It once came in a 22 ounce jar and I miss that. They might ought to think about brining that back!

N. Montgomery January 19, 2019

For years, I’ve avoided cooking raw turkey because I never thought I could flavor it well enough. I also feared making a dry turkey which is, of course, the worst combo ever: dry and flavorless. But thanks to The Spice Hunter Turkey Brine ALLLLL of my turkeys have tasted moist, juicy, and delicious! It has the perfect amount of salt and flavor-filled spices. It’s turned a novice chef into a gourmet! Thank you for including the brining bag!

Jennifer Landolfi December 28, 2019

Best Turkeys EVER this year! I have used 2 of them this year, oven roasted and fried, and both were amazingly delicious! I will only use this brand on all my turkeys for the rest of my life!

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