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Paprika, Sweet, Ground


Item #: 1650 1.9oz per Jar

Sweet Paprika adds striking red color and a mild, sweet flavor to everything savory. Perhaps known to some as simply a garnish for classic potato salad or deviled eggs, this versatile spice is used throughout the globe to add taste and personality to just about any savory dish. The Spice Hunter Sweet Paprika is fresh, potent, and sure to surprise.

Origins of Paprika

Paprika spice is made from dried peppers of the Capsicum annuum plant that are ground into a fine, silky, deep-red powder. There are many different types, ranging in flavor profile from sweet and mild to smoky and hot. Native to the Americas and later Spain, Paprika is now cultivated throughout most of the world. The Spice Hunter Sweet Paprika is sourced from regions with cool growing seasons, where peppers grow sweeter than others due to the climate.

How to use Sweet Paprika

Sweet Paprika imparts the mild, warm flavor of ripened, sweet peppers. While its vivid red color makes a standout accent sprinkled onto coleslaw, potato and macaroni salads, don’t limit yourself to using this spice as a garnish. Use to add delicate yet deep flavor and vivid color to roasted vegetables, meats, soups, stews, seafood and rice dishes. Or try out one of Hungary’s treasured dishes featuring the spice, such as chicken paprikash or goulash. To fully release its flavor and aroma, paprika should be lightly heated in oil before adding remaining ingredients. If you are in search of paprika with a smokier profile, check out our Smoked Paprika.

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