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Seafood Grill & Broil Blend


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Item #: 1935 1.3oz per Jar

Sprinkle on fish and stir up instant marinades.


Brown mustard seeds, lemon peel, black pepper, onions, chile pepper, celery seeds, bay leaves, basil, fennel, oregano, red pepper, thyme, citric acid, lemon juice powder, lemon oil

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: ¼ tsp. Total Cal. 0, Total Fat 0g, Sodium 0mg, Carb. 0g, Protein 0g


Marjorie March 7, 2016

I bought this for the first time about 10 years ago. Nothing has been able to replace the combination of
ingredients. I was trilled today to find this product online as I have been unable to purchase it locally for
three years. Thank you Spice Hunter for continuing this bottle of spice and herb perfection.
PS I find your website
most visually stimulating and inviting.

Orly gilbert July 20, 2016

By far bar none the best seafood blend ever created. Been using it forever but can’t find it in stores always have to order in bulk off the website

Jem July 23, 2016

The best salt free Seafood seasoning in the world. So glad to find it, as no store around me carries your spices anymore. Love all your salt free blends

MKennedy September 9, 2016

This Seafood Grill spice is the best I have ever tasted!
What a difference in all seafood!

Lara November 30, 2016

Seafood Grill and broil is my very favorite on shrimp and salmon, Im going to get more today! It’s just sp yummy and the right level of spice.

Adele December 8, 2016

Love your products but so hard to find in stores. The seafood grill and broil is great for boiling shrimp. Thank goodness I can order from your website.

Jeannette Parrott June 4, 2017

I found this seasoning several years ago in Hawaii and have looked for it since in stores around here in the Seattle area to no avail! So happy to find it on line. We love it and nothing compares to it!!

Meg Taylor August 11, 2018

I love this on both sides of sushi grade ahi, then a 1 1/2 minute sear in hot olive oil left raw in the middle – perfection! Takes all the work out of seasoning

Alyssa Siar July 13, 2019

Best product EVER for seafood. I put a light layer of mayo on salmon fillets and sprinkle a moderate amount on the mayo and grill. It’s amazing!!! Also fabulous on shrimp and use in our low country boils. This is a great spice combo!

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