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Finding a niche between gourmet and healthy, The Spice Hunter® offers more than just flavor. We searched the world to create a unique line of spices, herbs and seasoning blends, plus an assortment of gourmet products including convenient all natural soup bowls, reduced sodium soup cups and seasonal beverage mixes. The Spice Hunter® brand of products can be found in grocery, specialty and natural food stores nationwide.

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100% Organic Spices & Herbs

Dill Weed, Organic, Leaves (0.5 oz. jar)
This feathery herb flavors and beautifies dips, salads and fish.
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Reg. $7.30
Ginger, Organic, Ground (0.8 oz. jar)
This hot, sweet spice enhances savory dishes as well as sweet treats.
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Reg. $7.20

Salt Free Grilling Blends

Barbecue Spice Blend (1.6 oz. jar)
Incredibly versatile; stars in marinades, sauces, dressings and entrées.
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Reg. $5.95
Cowboy BBQ Rub, Blend (1.7 oz. jar)
A dry marinade with Southwest flavor, perfect for meats and vegetables!
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Reg. $6.90
Jamaican Jerk Blend (2 oz. jar)
A unique blend used in marinades, BBQ sauces and rubs.
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Reg. $6.65
Mesquite Seasoning Blend (2 oz. jar)
Rub on meats and shake on vegetables for a taste of Southwest camp cooking!
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Reg. $6.45
Pepper, Garlic Blend (2.4 oz. jar)
An exciting all-purpose blend for dips, spreads, meat loaf, sauces and potatoes.
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Reg. $6.50
Pepper, Key Lime Blend (2 oz. jar)
An exotic citrus and pepper blend!
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Reg. $8.20
Pepper, Lemon Blend (1.8 oz. jar)
An all-purpose seasoning delicious in dips, sandwich spreads, salads and marinades.
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Reg. $7.00
Poultry Grill & Broil Blend (2.2 oz. jar)
A versatile blend that doubles as a rub or marinade base for flavorful poultry. Delicious!
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Reg. $6.00
Seafood Grill & Broil Blend (1.3 oz. jar)
Sprinkle on fish and stir up instant marinades.
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Reg. $6.40
Steak & Chop Grill & Broil Blend (2.2 oz. jar)
The perfect partner for favorite meats and marinades.
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Reg. $6.40

All Natural Grill Shakers

Grill Shakers Hamburger (4.1 oz. jar)
A hearty, all-purpose blend that gives a boost to burgers.
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Reg. $5.50
Grill Shakers Hickory (4.3 oz. jar)
A tangy blend that uses natural hickory to spice things up.
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Reg. $5.50
Grill Shakers Pork (Garlic Pepper) (4.7 oz. jar)
A garlic pepper blend that makes grilling pork tantalizing.
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Reg. $5.50