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With over 35 years of experience, The Spice Hunter is your source for spice knowledge. Learning how to use herbs and spices is fundamental to healthy, flavorful cooking as well as being a superb way to add dimension to food without salt, calories or fat. Explore spices essential to everyday cooking, how to substitute spices, which herbs and spices give you a boost and how to track your herbs’ freshness.

Essential Spice Guide

A quick guide to some of the most popular and top-selling spices.


Spice Freshness

Tips and tricks for maintaining freshness and getting the most out of your spices.

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Culinary Guide

Our curated list of recommended spices by food groups and types to help you try new things!

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Spice Substitutions

A list of spice substitutions for those moments when you don't have the exact spice you need!

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Spice Antioxidants

Herbs and spices can add flavor to a dish without adding fat, salt or calories. Some herbs and spices include a little something extra, like antioxidants.

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True Flavor Podcast

The Spice Hunter's True Flavor Podcast series features expert Daniela Massey offering home cooks tips for adding true flavor to their favorite dishes.

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